Depending on which network you are with and what call plan you have the costs will vary. Now that Croatia is a fully fledged member of the EU many providers will have special add-ons so be sure to check out offers that are available from your provider such as Vodafone passport, EE (which has free calls and texts) and other bolt on plans which will considerably reduce your charges abroad.

Novalja and its waterfront are covered by WiFi which is free for all to use, but as you’d expect with such an offer, the strength is sometimes quite weak and intermittent. There are also bars and cafes which will have WiFi so look out for those in Novalja and the surrounding towns should you be there.

Drugs are illegal in Croatia and you would be facing time in jail for possession of an illegal substance.

The limit for alcohol in your system is lower than the UK and there are routine stoppages and breath tests taking place in Novalja during the festival so please don’t mix the two. There will be plenty of public transport available, we advise everyone to take advantage of that for your own safety and that of others.

There will be a medical team on site at the festival on Zrce Beach who will be able to help you with any incidents yourself or any friends require medical assistance with. If you have any questions please visit a member of the Hideout team and we’ll get help for you.

Yes, the tap water in Croatia is perfectly drinkable.

We don’t organise any food vending at the festival so it’s down to the discretion of traders on Zrce Beach. They’ll most likely be limited vegetarian options, but your best is to eat in Novalja, which has many accommodating and reasonably priced restaurants.

Shops are obviously a fair bit cheaper for all the daily essentials and expect to pay roughly £6 – £10 for a meal out in Novalja, a bit less for fast food meals.

Beers, cocktails, wine, soft drinks, spirits and water.

Drinks in the venue will be from around £4 for a spirit and mixer or beer, up to whatever you want to spend on cocktails and other drinks.