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Things to do on Pag Island

12 May 2022

Will you be joining us for Hideout 2022? Is it the 150 artists that attracts you to the festival, or maybe the warm weather, crystal clear Adriatic sea or beautiful sunsets that sparks the lightbulb? Regardless of the main incentive, the festival will be a highlight for a lifetime, with a combination of stages, dancing in in pools, beach parties and boat parties to really give you the whole experience! Despite these highlights, why not explore more? The island of Pag has a whole other side to it for you to discover and take a break from the music.

Pag Town

If you’re into culture, the island of Pag has its’ own Pag ‘town’, which is small and traditional. The town still keeps to its local goods, two of which are the local cheese (Paski Sir) and Pag lace. Relatively unchanged over the years, it is still a delicacy to try the local Pag lamb and the local white wine, Pag Zutica.

Pag Beaches

The island of pag has more than just Zrce Beach! If you and your mates want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the festival and want a relaxed beach day to yourselves, you can check out Simuni Beach or Bosana Beach.


There is endless water-sport options to get stuck into. Depending on your interest and budget, you can choose from Jet Skiing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Parasailing or even Flyboarding. Thrill seekers get in line, as Pag Island hosts some of the best water-sports this side of the Adriatic!

Quad Safari

Do you like exploring? If so, get involved with a quad safari, where you are given a one hour tour with stops to see the sights. You will be able to discover the beauty that lies beneath what tourists see, and have a look at what the island has to offer!

Boat Rental

Do you fancy yourself to be the captain of your own boat? You can rent many different types including Sailboat, Motorboat, Catamaran, RIB, Houseboat and Yachts for the day. Explore the sea with your mates!

Rigid inflatible boat (RIB)
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