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Flights of the week

20 February 2020

We’ve now sold 90% of our flight packages for this year’s festival, but still have flights from London to Split for a cheaper price than what you’d find elsewhere, so give our Hideout Holidays team a call on 0208 050 2702 to get these arranged.

If these aren’t what you’re looking for, we’ve done the hard work for you and found flights from a number of other UK airports, so all you have to do is click and book. Below are some affordable options for you and your mates*:

Flying FromFlying ToOutbound DateOutbound TimeReturn DateReturn TimePriceLink
Birmingham via MunichZagrebSat 20th17:40 - 22:25Saturday 27th14:35 - 17:35£234
BirminghamSplitSun 21st08:50 - 12:35Sunday 28th13:20 - 15:10£361
BirminghamVeniceSun 21st07:00 - 10:10Sunday 28th10:55 - 12:10£164
ManchesterVeniceFriday 19th07:30 - 11:00Friday 26th12:00 - 13:35£131
ManchesterVeniceSaturday 19th07:30 - 11:00Saturday 26th20:55 - 22:15£71
ManchesterPulaSunday 21st06:30 - 10:10Sunday 28th11:10 - 12:50£281
ManchesterPulaSaturday 20th06:45 - 10:15Saturday 27th11:20 - 12:55£389
ManchesterDubrovnikSaturday 20th17:05 - 21:05Saturday 27th21:45 - 23:55£220
BristolPulaSaturday 20th06:20 - 09:35Saturday 27th10:45 - 12:10£299
DublinSplitSaturday 20th19:00 - 23:00Saturday 27th23:45 - 01:55+1£344
DublinZagrebSaturday 20th10:20 - 14:05Sunday 28th07:40 - 09:30£215
DublinSplitSunday 21st18:30 - 22:35Sunday 28th22:15 - 00:25 +1£233
DublinZagrebSunday 21st06:20 - 10:00Sunday 28th10:35 - 12:15£263

We also do transfers from a number of these airports, which start from £22 + BF one way. The transfer times to the festival from the airports are:

* All flights and prices correct as of 19/02/2020

You can book the transfers via:

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